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Let’s Face It

Thursday 15, 2019 | by Dr. Hillel New

The launch of Melbourne’s State-of-the-art Medical Aesthetic & Dermal Clinic

When you thought Hawthorn couldn’t get any more luxurious,FACELAB opens its doors; fitted with arguably the most advanced technology in aesthetic medicine.

Founded and led by Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentists, Dr. Alex Fibishenko & Dr. Hillel New, the skilled FACELAB team is completed with cosmetic doctors, dermal clinicians, and beauty therapists for a collaborative process in healthcare and aesthetic living.

Positioning themselves as front-runners thanks to the founding pair’s background as Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentists, FACELAB offers an array of in-demand treatments. With their advanced multi-disciplinary approach to dento-facial rejuvenation, non-surgical facelifts, anti-ageing and body contouring services, and non-invasive skin and body wellness treatments; the team is helping to ensure Australian men and women can look and feel their best.

“As Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentists trained and accredited by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, we deal with faces every day and understand the ‘golden facial proportions’. We train other doctors and cosmetic consultants because we know how to achieve the look that people want, with subtle enhancements to reverse the signs of ageing."

Of course our background also enables us to assess and treat the smile, perioral folds, jowls and sagging lower face, as well as to expertly perform lip enhancements,” says Dr. Fibishenko.

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