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What’s so different about FACELAB?

Thursday 15, 2019 | by Dr. Hillel New

There are skin clinics popping up on every street corner, but there is something different about FACELAB, which could be setting a new standard in aesthetic wellness.

The Doctors

As Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentists trained and accredited by the American Academy of Facial Aesthetic the founders and principal clinicians, Dr Alex Fibishenko and Dr Hillel New, deal with faces every day and understand golden facial proportions.

“Our background enables us to assess and treat the smile, peri-oral folds, jowls and sagging lower face, as well as to expertly perform lip enhancements and offer both surgical and non-surgical approaches to reduction of submental (under-chin) and cheek fat. Our intimate knowledge of facial anatomy combined with the skills we acquired through our advanced training around the globe, puts us in a uniquely advantageous position to design an outcome and implement the right strategy to achieve it”.

“We train other doctors and cosmetic consultants because we know how to achieve the look that people want with subtle yet effective age-defying face enhancements. We personally train our team of doctors to become master injectors to the aesthetic and safety standards that we define”.

When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and other injectables Facelab clinicians do not follow the most common model of a nurse working by a doctor’s prescription with a cookbook approach to administering the treatment. “At FACELAB, the doctors themselves are doing the treatments and use an anatomical and functional approach to administering treatments. By doing this, they are able to achieve better results with smaller and safer doses of medicament.”

Other than dentists and cosmetic doctors, the team at FACELAB also includes dermal clinicians, and beauty therapists for a collaborative process in healthcare and aesthetic living.

“With our “Defy …redefined!” slogan we strive to combat ageing by redefining the standards and parameters to achieve truly natural aesthetic result.”

Laser Clinicians

Most skin and laser clinics offer treatments performed by beauticians or staff who have been trained to use a specific pieces of equipment, or carry out certain procedures. At FACELAB it is doctors and dermal therapists who are trained to understand the microbiological nature of the skin, and how it ages that are performing the treatments. …this level of knowledge allows them to select the most appropriate treatment for a specific need.


Most skin and laser clinics advertise “Lasers”, but what they actually are using are low grade lasers or IPL machines, which broadly fall under the category of lasers. “At FACELAB we use medical-grade lasers, which means better precision in targeting structures in and under the skin for the desired effect enabling more predictable and better result with less downtime and side effects.”

Other than the lasers at Facelab, the founders have also made a substantial investment into other technologies that work in synergy with their laser systems for better and quicker results, as well as fat reduction systems and a proprietary hair re-growth system, making FACELAB a one-stop-shop for all the aesthetic needs of any gender at any age.


FACELAB has state-of the art facilities, which are accessible and have dedicated patient parking.

Extended Term Treatment Bundles

Looking good can be expensive. “At FACELAB we recognise that long term facial aesthetics requires a commitment to ongoing care and maintenance. There are a number of bundles available to suit individual needs. Clients pay a deposit towards their treatment bundle, then the balance is paid in installments over a period of 12 months, but the client continues to receive the required treatment throughout this period (and beyond) to keep them looking their best for 18 months. Different kinds of treatments are delivered at the appropriate times throughout this period keeping clients looking fresh and rested over an extended period without the financial burden of lump sum payments. The various programs include laser treatments, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers as well as skin lifting threads, depending on age and individual needs.

Our point of difference is that we are a one stop shop for affordable aesthetic wellness with the combination of expertise + technology + safety + precision for better results with less downtime and side effects.

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