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Cheek Fat Removal

Say goodbye to chubby cheeks and discover your face within

A lot of people are not completely happy with the way they look. Puffy or 'Chubby' cheeks are a common complaint among adults. Round facial features of youth, once considered 'cute' in childhood are unaesthetic in older people. Cheek Fat Removal is a surgical procedure that is designed to eliminate unwanted fat resulting in a more tapered facial structure.

If you are mature, healthy and fit enough to withstand a small surgical procedure, Cheek Fat Removal treatment may be right for you. Also known as 'Buccal Fat Extraction' or 'Cheek Reduction Surgery', this process should only be carried out by skilled surgeons with intimate knowledge of the mouth and face. At FaceLab, our highly experienced surgeons can remove your cheek fat and uncover your face within.