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Gummy Smile

Display your confidence and transform your smile with a gum lift

Every smile is unique, with some people displaying more of their gums than others when they smile. Dentists often refer to this as a 'gummy smile', and this can cause your teeth to look unnaturally small or square. If you have beautiful straight white teeth but don't like the excessive gum display, there is something you can do about it. At FaceLab, we offer 'gum lift' treatments and 'lip drop' treatment to transform your smile.

Gum treatment has changed a lot recently. Patients are now able to have therapeutic injections with anti-wrinkle medicines to help drop the upper lip as an alternative to an invasive surgical procedure. If you require surgery, gum lifts can be performed with our lasers, so recovery times are short. If you need gum lifting surgery or another form of gummy smile treatment, our services can be customised to your specific cosmetic and medical needs.