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Neck and Decolletage Tightening

Combat laxity in the Neck and Decolletage

The 40's are the decades when women start noticing neck and décolletage skin laxity as a result of collagen degradation, and other ageing related factors. Lotions and creams are often used to fight this with poor results.

At FACELAB, we use two treatment modalities to address this. Smooth-Lase, a non-invasive medical laser treatment and simultaneous Radiofrequency - Ultrasound energy delivered with the BTL Protege device. These devices can be used in combination or individually. They have been shown to firm up lax skin, remove diffuse redness, stimulate new collagen production and restore the delicate skin of neck and decolletage. It is possible to have the treatment over your lunch break.

Treatment is fast with no down/recovery time and suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types.


Face & Body Sculpting Treatments

Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening for Chin, Neck, Face & Body
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