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Advanced Hair Regrowth

Go BOLD not bald.

BOLD is FACELAB's unique new advanced hair regrowth system with Laser-Assisted transcutaneous delivery of potent bio-active drugs and follicular stimulation to wake up dying hair follicles. The system induces hair regrowth, and counteracts the most common causes of hair loss, including hereditary, hormonal, inflammatory, and autoimmune.

Stimulation is key, and with FACELAB's hair regrowth system we achieve clinical stimulation with our advanced medical technologies

Forget also taking pills and medication, which do help with sustaining and reviving hair follicles, but have side effects that turn one problem into just another. At FACELAB those same medicines are delivered at a higher concentrations and exactly where they are needed, so there are no systemic side effects to put you off, and there is no need for daily repeats.