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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Look rested and boost your confidence with anti-wrinkle injections

Men and women across Australia are discovering the many benefits of anti-wrinkle injections. This treatment is beneficial for a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic applications. At FaceLab, all of the ingredients we use have been approved by 'Therapeutic Goods Australia' (TGA). Our treatments are designed to give you the rested and rejuvenated look that you deserve.

If your skin wrinkles or creases near your mouth or nose area, you may look older than you really are. Rather than living with a lack of confidence, why not contact FaceLab so we can reduce your skin wrinkles that will improve your appearance. Along with our leading cosmetic services, we also specialise in medical injections for a variety of health conditions.


Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-Ageing Booklet

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